Personal data
1954 -
Born in Russia, in the Tiumen region, on the banks of the Irtâş river in Siberia, from a deported Bessarabian family.
1961 – 1969 -
General school in Ulmu, Republic of Moldavia.
1969 – 1973 -
College of Fine Arts „Ilya Repin”, Kishinev.
1976 -
Moves to Moscow where he continues his education independently, experimenting in different trends
1977 – 1979 -
Is particularly fascinated by the „sfumato” style, school of the famous Moscow painter Vasili Sitnikov. Embraces the master’s concept, perfecting his skills  under the guidance of his two best apprentices, the spouses Vladimir Petrov-Gladky and Tamara Glâtneva.
1980 - 
After completely mastering the Sitnikov method, becomes estranged from it and further searches to assert his own way in art
1973 -
After graduating from the Art College, works at the execution of an animated film „Little Peter the Liar”, at the film studio „Moldova Film”, under the coordination of the painter-scenographer Leonid Domnin
1990 -
Illustrates with 20 colour illustration sheets, in Kishinev, the first school book of Romanian history tales, entitled „Daciada”, for elementary school children. Authors: Nicolae Dabija and Aurelian Silvestru
- Carves a monumental Trinity is his native village Ulmu, dedicated to his deported relatives, to the 38 families from Ulmu that were taken to Siberia and to all the victims of persecutions and repressions during the communist dictatorship
1999 - 
Contributes with graphic drawings and poetry to the Anthology of love poems by Bessarabian poets „Eternal love”
2001 -
Illustrates with graphic drawings the poetry book „Solar Rocks” by Anatol Ciobanu.
2002 -
Illustrates with graphic drawings the poetry book „Disheveled Soul” by Sorin Ciobanu
2003 -
Publishes his own poetry book „Metaspherae”, illustrated with his own graphic drawings, publishing house „Augusta”, Timişoara
- Illustrates with 87 graphic drawings and 2 reproductions of his personal paintings on both covers, an ample poetry book, „The Pigeons’ Crucifixion”, signed by the poetess Leonida Lari
2004 -
Illustrates with graphic drawings two poetry books „Fugitive to my star” and „The coolness of the kiss” by Anatol Ciobanu
2005 -
Illustrates with graphic drawings the poetry book „Playing the shell game” by Nicolae Mătcaş.
2005 – 2008 -
Paints the church of the Ulmu nuns monastery, newly established, under the patronage of St. Theodora of Sihla and St. Theodor Tiron, residence of the Metropolitan Bishop Petru, hierarch of the Metropolitan bishopship of Bessarabia
Personal Exhibitions
1995 -
Exhibition in Germany, organized by the European Cultural Centre at the “Beno Saal” hall in Meissen
- Exhibition with monumental works at the Military Centre, as part of the festivity dedicated to the 80 years anniversary of the Patriarch Teoctist, head of the Romanian Orthodox Church
1998 -
Exhibition at the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, dedicated to the jubilee of 120 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and Romania
1999 -
Exhibition during the Easter holiday period at “Krasnye Palaty” – “Christ the Saviour” Cathedral Square in Moscow
2000 -
Exhibition within the IV-th edition of the Worldwide Romanians Spirituality Congress, held at the Cultural Centre of Băile Herculane, Romania.
2002 -
Exhibition “Metaspherae” at the Latin America’s House in Bucharest
Group Exhibitions
1979 – 1996 - Takes part in the Moscow underground movement, in the context of the maximum ideological pressure upon culture and art, participating in various exhibitions, including the spring to the autumn shows, organized in the halls of the nonconformist exhibition centre at Malaya Gruzinskaya 28, the only one of this kind in USSR at that time.
1982 - Exhibition “Russian Motives” in the hall of the Timireazev Academy Library, Moscow
1983 - Exhibition at the Embassy of the Republic of Malta in Moscow.
- Exhibition at the House of Culture of the ..Pravda” Publishing House, Moscow.
1984 - Exhibition inside the church “St.Grigori Bogoslov” within the "Zareadie” church complex, in the vicinity of the Red Square
- Two exhibitions with catalogue within the group “21 Moscow Painters” at Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28, Moscova
1986-1996 - Together with the painters Eduard Ulan, Veaceslav Petrov Gladky, Otary Kandaurov, founds the group „The Painting’s Universe” formed of 17 Moscow plastic artists that during the ‘80-‘90s will exhibit in the halls of Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28 about 10 success exhibitions
1987 - Exhibition „Neosymbolism”, at the „Babuşkinsky” hall in Moscow
1988 - The ..1000 years of Orthodox Christianity in Russia” exhibition in the halls of Malaya Gruzinskaya 28, Moscow.
1989 - Exhibition „Moldavia’s Salons, Kishinev – Bacău”, hall of the Plastic Artist Union, Kishinev
- Exhibition „International Year - Mihai Eminescu” at the “V.I. Lenin” State Library in Moscow
1990 - Exhibition dedicated to the rebirth of the native language, at the “C. Brâncuşi” hall of the Plastic Artists Union, Kishinev, Rep. Moldavia
1991 - Exhibition „Malaya Gruzinskaya 28 – USA Congress, 17 years from the Bulldozers Exhibition” (Jubilee of the protest-exhibition initiated by the unofficial artists of USSR in the Bitsevsky Park, Moscow 1974), in the grandiose hall „Manege”, vis-à-vis from Kremlin
1993 - Exhibition at the Kremlin Congresses Palace, dedicated to the Cosmonautics Day, Moscow
1996 - Exhibition „Nude or the Woman’s Face”, Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28
1997 - Participates in the 7-th edition of the contest-exhibition, with catalogue, „The Golden Paintbrush” at the exhibition centre “Central House of Artist” in Moscow
- Exhibition with catalogue „O, the Woman!” at the Central House of Artist, Moscow
- Exhibition with catalogue „The Plastic Artist and the Theatre” at the  Central House of Artist, Moscow
1998 - Retrospective exhibition „Bessarabian Painters”, at the Ministry of Culture exhibition hall inside the National Theatre, Bucharest
- Exhibition „2000 Years of Christianity” at the Central House of Artist, Moscow
- Exhibition at the Russian Commercial Bank, Novoslobodskaya St, Moscow
1999 - Exhibition with catalogue „International Art Salon” at the Central House of Artist in Moscow
2001 - Exhibition dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the poet Mihai Eminescu, AGIR hall, Bucharest
2003 - Exhibition “Iancu Caragiale”, dedicated to the „Ion Luca Caragiale” International Year, in the exhibition halls of the Romanian Literature Museum
2004 - Exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the sculptor Anghel at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest
- Exhibition of Plastic Art and Photography, as a part of the celebration „Stephen the Great and holy – 500 years”, at the Putna Monastery complex, Romania
- Exhibition within the VII-th edition of the Worldwide Romanians Spirituality, at the Cultural Centre of Alba Iulia, România
2007 - Exhibition with catalogue „Contemporary Art in Russia”, at the Nationalities House in Moscow, dedicated to the 250 years jubilee of the Art Academy of Russia
Exhibition with catalogue „Masters and Apprentices” at the National History Museum of Romania, Bucharest
2008 - Exhibition with catalogue ,,Art- Today” at the Nationalities Hous in Moscow.
2009 - Exhibition with catalogue „Art Today”, exhibitional art centre „Tushino”, Moscow
- Common exhibition with his daughter and son at the Central House of Artist, Moscow
- Exhibition with catalogue “International Painting Biennial”, at the „Brâncuşi” exhibition hall of the Plastic Artists Union in Kishinev
- Exhibition within the XIV-th edition of the Worldwide Romanians spirituality, Alba Iulia, România
2010 - Exhibition “Anti rhinocerist (neo-crypto) Manifesto” dedicated to the founder of the Theatre of the Absurd, Eugene Ionesco, at the exhibition hall of the Metropolitan Cultural Centre, Bucharest
- Exhibition with catalogue ,,Art-Today” exibitional art Centre ,,Tuchino”,Moscow
2011 - Exhibition with catalogue ,,Art-Today” at the exhibition hall of the Plastic Artists Union in Moscow (PAUM).
- Exhibition dedicated to the poet Mihai Eminescu at the hall of the Scientist’s Academy of Romania, Bucharest.
2012 - Exhibition dedicated to the poet Mihai Eminescu at the ,,Shiller” House in Bucharest.
2013 - Exhibition dedicated to the poet Mihai Eminescu at the hall of the Romanian Academy in Bucharest.
1984 - Member of the Syndicate Association of Plastic and Graphic Artists associated with the Ministry of Culture in Moscow, Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28
1990 - Member of the Plastic Artists Union from Russia
Member of the International Federation of Plastic Artists – UNESCO.
- The painter’s works are reproduced in multiple albums, catalogues and magazines from Russia, Rep. Moldavia, Romania, Italy, Germany, Japan.
- His paintings were purchased in Rep. Moldavia, Russia, Romania, Israel, Malta, USA, Germany and France.